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Welcome to The 501c League: Where Experimental Theater meets Think Tank!

The 501c League is a virtual organization for people working with 501c organizations. Whether you are staff, a consultant, an industry partner, "in between" jobs, retired, or a volunteer at a 501c, this virtual space is for you. [For those of you new to this, 501c = Nonprofit.]

"Keeping the 501 professional at the (c)enter": The League is all about the members.  No matter where you are in your career, if you work with 501c organizations -- or volunteer with them! -- you are welcome here. 

Whether you want to build connections, expand knowledge, share what you learned, or test ideas -- this is the place. If you ever thought "if I built an association it would . . . " and you want to help create a 21st century professional organization please jump in! We are a totally participatory group that encourages everyone to try something new and to make suggestions. 

Why Join the League? 
That's an excellent question.

The way we live today requires a different kind of professional organization, one that respects our time and money (our most valuable resources) and gives us the flexibility and freedom to dream. 

The goal of the League is to create a Virtual Organization that provides interaction, connection, knowledge sharing, and a unique member experience. We want the League to be fun, inspiring, and a safe place to think big. This is the place if you want to try new ideas and revel in the beauty of being a 501c organization professional.

And we think you'll find our fee quite reasonable. Did we mention you can pay by the month?  


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More about Our Philosophy and Our Why

Individuals working together can do great things -- as long as they have the freedom to do it.

Organizations can be restrictive and sometimes they silo people into groups that may not interact very often, if at all. Over time, layers are built and this can make people feel awkward and isolated. So, the League asked the question, "What if there was a group that stripped away the layers and made its mission to bring people together using the concept of Radical Inclusion?"

We also have to note that 501c professionals work in the nonprofit world, but participation fees are rising as if we just won the lottery. Which we didn't. Which is why fees should be affordable and not an obstacle to participation. 501c professionals should be able to join a group and afford to pay out of pocket. 


We believe in Radical Inclusion so we have launched Prospect 3, an online forum for our Prospect Community! 
As long as you have an account with the League you can access this forum. Enter Prospect 3 NOW. 

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