About The 501c League

"Keeping the 501 professional at the (c)enter" 

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The 501c League is a professional society representing nonprofit organization professionals across the spectrum of this unique management specialty. We believe in Radical Inclusion which means that EVERYONE who works in or serves the 501c Community is welcome to join [staff, consultants, industry partners/vendors, in transition, retired, or volunteers at a 501c]. 

The 501c League creates community and connection within the 501c Community to facilitate relationships, knowledge generation, business development, and personal professional development.

"Keeping the 501 professional at the (c)enter": The League is all about helping individuals develop personally and professionally.
No matter where you are in your career, if you work with 501c organizations -- or volunteer with them! -- you are welcome here. 


The mission of the 501c League is to support the personal and professional development of individuals who practice within the 501c Community whether staff, consultant, industry partner/vendor, or other interested person.   


The 501c League will embody the best aspects of associations – community, connection, knowledge sharing, inclusion – and set an example for all nonprofits to follow. 

2 people looking at somethingParticipation Fee (aka Dues)

The 501c League believes that a participation fee (aka Dues) is necessary to support the functioning of the organization but should not be a barrier to entry. As an individual membership society, we believe dues are an investment in personal professional development and should be affordable “out of pocket.” Our dues are $120.00 per year, or $10 per month. (Yes, you can make a monthly payment.)

Diversity Statement

The 501c League believes in Radical Inclusion. This means everyone is welcome to participate, contribute, and share. By taking this approach of radical inclusion (meaning all are welcome to participate as much or as little as they like) we believe that the organization will find diversity of experience, knowledge, and ideas. We embrace and encourage new and different voices. We don't discriminate or isolate. 


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