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The Monopoly Game

It's an audio blog! What impact could consolidation of services and products have on choice for nonprofit organizations? 

The Monopoly Game

5 Ways Associations Can Engage in Ethical Marketing

By Amy Thomasson (Guest Blogger!)

Even in the best of times, executing an effective marketing campaign isn’t easy. From research, to content development, to reporting and analytics, each component must be measured with multiple stakeholders and constituents in mind. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice at the forefront of our everyday lives, marketing—especially taking an ethical approach to marketing, has become even more complicated. How do we balance the need to produce and promote programs, products, and services to our members with the need to cover the operating costs for these efforts and ensure the survival of our organizations? How do we market to people who are facing real challenges to their health and safety? It starts with ethical marketing.

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