Are We Taking on ASAE? Uhh ... could be.

The 501c League is the culmination of years of conversations with my colleagues coupled with years of observation. There's been lots of discussion about what people like and don't like about belonging to a professional organization. So I started collecting all this, solidifying ideas, and making a plan. 

As a 501c professional, I started asking myself: what are you going to do to address the exclusionary tactics, the high fees for access -- that lead to MORE fees -- and prevent some people from being able to get involved, and the general frustration of my colleagues who are consultants or small to mid-size businesses that can't afford crazy high prices to reach their markets. 

I came to the conclusion that I needed to start from scratch. It meant going back to the basics: why do people join any group? How much are they willing to contribute to support that group? What can be done to encourage creativity, interaction, and the daring and risky discussions that move us forward? And is it really all about money? Is NON Profit really all about the PROFIT??

Because it has to be affordable. Because fees are rising like we just won the lottery. Which we didn't. 

So I developed the League, which is always going to be a work in progress. It will strive to be inclusive (radically so - see our About page), bold, daring, and outside the lines. The League is designed to be a virtual organization that unites us all across the spectrum of 501c organizations no matter where we work. 

What happens in the future will be determined by the people who join the League and help create a 21st Century organization. We are part experimental theater and part think tank. We are motivated by curiosity, energy, and collaboration. We are fearless, not fearful.  

Now, to the ASAE part.

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a consultant colleague and I was discussing the upcoming launch of the League. This person blurted out, "Has anyone taken on ASAE before?" I was a bit taken aback because I don't think of it that way.

The League is not so much a competitor as it is an alternative. It's meant to be an option in a marketplace with too few choices. A "Third Way" as we might say in political science. A Hyundai instead of a Lexus. The fun place you go after work. 

But then again, the marketplace of ideas could use some healthy competition. It's what keeps things from getting stale. 

Stay tuned. Radio Free 501c out. 

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