Do you REALLY Have to attack another resource?

So today I was listening to what I had long considered a valued podcast. The host noted that there was an event coming up in January and to check out the website. My jaw actually fell open when I read the description of the event. It included a very specific smack and attack at another resource for 501c organizations that I also value. 

Is this really necessary? Do we have to rip each other apart? Can't we stand on our own merits in the marketplace? 

We all have our strong and sometimes very personal opinions about certain things -- God knows I do -- but I respect the right of other people to exist and do their thing. Just because I don't like something or feel I get something out of a certain group, I realize that some people are having a great time and getting everything they want out of it. 

As a consultant who recently launched a new company, and having been a consultant for many years prior, I don't feel the need to publicly run down anyone else who consults or provides services. I respect that the marketplace and the 501c community are both big enough for everyone who wants to contribute. We don't need to publicly attack each other. 

Tearing someone else down to build yourself up only makes you smaller. 

Radio Free 501c out. 

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