"Keeping the 501 professional at the (c)enter" 

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We are new and want our members to help create the 21st Century professional organization that we all would love to belong to -- one where everyone is welcome and treated equally. One where experimentation is encouraged. An organization where the only failure is not trying.

We offer a Member Community that includes Forums, Circles (members can create their own circles!), one to one connections, and the power to manage your member record whenever you want. 

We here at the League believe in offering opportunities for everyone to write and present. We launched our quarterly newsletter The Contemporary 501c in February 2019. It shares "news of the day" and offers an avenue for members to publish your ideas and opinions.

We also offer members the opportunity to design and present webinars so you can polish your online presentation skills, work through an idea, or try something new. 

Our Monthly Members Only Virtual Lunches (we call them "Lunch & Shares") are now webinars presented by and for the members. Recent topics have included wellness/self-care and transforming the workplace with nine positive attributes.  

Member Types

Yes, you are reading that right. Everyone's dues are the same. Because we believe that participation fees shouldn't be obstructive or discriminatory. Why? Because we are The Big Tent for all people in the 501c Community. 

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Please pick the member type that describes you best. We want to help you build your unique experience.  

  • 501c Organization Executive/Staff $120.00
    • Works as an employee of a 501c organization – association, foundation, charity – to help fulfill the mission
  • Consultant $120.00
    • Works with clients to develop strategies and programs based on their knowledge and expertise (intellectual property) to fulfill the mission
  • Industry Partner/Vendor $120.00
    • Works with clients to select the best tool or product to implement strategy and fulfill the mission
  • Observer $120.00
    • An interested individual who may not be currently employed, is considering their next career move, is a volunteer at a 501c, or is retired

Don't want to pay upfront? You can make monthly payments of $10 a month! Just select your (member type) - monthly.

Click here to start or renew your membership


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